About Me
Design is about problem solving, discovering edge cases and innovating. There are endless possibilities in our digital world for me to apply my design skills, challenge myself and make an impact on the world.
I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation as well as an Associate of Science in Graphic Design. Its been incredibly rewarding to utilize my degrees for zSpace and CastAR and my own freelancing. 

3D Visual Design

UI Design & Visual Design

zSpace 3D introduced immersive and intuitive learning to schools across the country. Students were engaged in the merging of real and virtual worlds. Grades K-12 learned Newtons Three laws from basic to advanced physics. They set up and ran experiments on different gravitational fields and recorded their experiments for review.

Visual Design

One of our key demos was in need of a major facelift. As the face of the company the zSpace system needed to show off its potential through these demos. Beauty and unique interactions were key to success.

UI Design

CastAR showed the world the potential of their hardware. We set about creating the first generation of their UI.  As a member of the UI/UX team we put our heads together to create a visually simple and intuitive design.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Hollister Liquors is a privately owned establishment in Hollister, CA. The new owners are ready to give the store a new look starting with a custom logo, proper labels for the beverages on the shelfs, some swag for the employees and much more.

Graphic Design

Mountain Mikes is one of the best pizza joints in the bay area. Gotta love their pepperoni! The Gilroy location is family owned and we were ready to give the menu a makeover and update the business cards.

Graphic Design

Sun Blinds is a new privately owned business serving residential buildings and businesses in the entire bay area. They provide window blinds, shutters and shades with the option to have full customization. It's my responsibility to help them expand their business by helping them promote Sun Blinds with strong marketing collateral and stand out from their competitors.

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